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Angel: A Maximum Ride Novel
is the seventh book in the

Maximum Ride series created by James Patterson.


Angel begins with one of max's dreams. In her dream, she is back at the school and fang is there to help her. She wakes up realizes Dylan had been watching her sleep. They then have a minor fight in which he kisses Max. It is said when Fang left the flock in the previous book, Max broke down and Nudge called Dr. Martinez (who is also max's mom) to ask her if the flock could stay with them. Soon after Max and Dylans' fight, Jeb and Dr. Gunther Hagen arrive at the house. Dr. Gunther Hagen tells them that soon Max and Dylan will have to get together to breed (can he get any weirder?) and max, her mom and the flock all dismiss the idea as outrageous. They decide to check out a nearby school for other mutants. Everyone but Max enters the private jet, max flies there. While flying, max notices that there is a wire/electric fence surrounding  the school. She tries to warn the jet but it doesn't notice until they have flown through the invisible fence. As the plane quickly drops, Dylan manages to get the door open and get everyone but Dr.Gunther Hagen out. When Nudge got out, she got tangled in more wires. Iggy comes to help her and he, too, gets stuck. Max grabs onto her mom, who can't fly, and they safely land. Gazzy gets Jeb- who also cant fly- but cant support his weight. Jeb notices and asks Gazzy to drop him. He also says "I will have to die to save you. Just like you will have to die to save Earth" which freaks Gazzy out and sends him into a different quiet mood for a couple of days. Just as Jeb is about to hit the ground, Max catches him. Angel goes back to help Iggy and Nudge. When everyone is finally on the ground, the plane crashes, along with Dr. G-H, who never managed to get out. Max notices Dylan wasn't there to help and gets very mad at him then realizes that dylan is sad Dr. GH is gone because Dylan was closest to him. They call an ambulance that takes everyone but Max and Dylan away. Max decides to stay and help Dylan search for any thing to remember him and/or the remains of him himself. They don't find anything but do manage to get closer to the school and notice guards who they believe are blind on the roof. M & D decide to camp in a cave they found for the night. Angel interrupts there thoughts and criticizes them for being so careless and not keeping watch. Now all 3 of them decide to attack the guards. In the battle with the guards, who are armed with guns, Dylan pulls the hood of one and realizes they are not blind- they have a wide cut across their eyes with tiny eyeballs everywhere. Angel, Max and dylan realize they cant see up and use this to their advantage to escape. Meanwhile, Fang stalks a gang member in a ally who planned to meet him there. His name is Ratchet and he has really good hearing and sight (10x better than us) so he wears sunglasses and headphones to protect him from hearing things too loud. He is said to have been kicked out of his house for being a freak (poor ratchet) Meanwhile, back at the house everyone is recovering from the previous activities. When Max, Dylan, and angel arrive, they notice change of behavior in everyone. Gazzy is quieter and so is Nudge (which is REALLY saying something) and Jeb just stares at gazzy all day long (creepy) Iggy and Ella- Max's half sister- are dating (so sweet). One night they mention how the onelight followers came to ellas school and say the humans need to die to save the world and well, just act drunk kinda. So Dylan, Max, Iggy , and ella all go to ellas school where everyone acts this way at a pep rally for the onelight. When Iggy exposes his wings, max and dylan grab him, but can't find ella, and fly home.they decide to let angel clear Iggys mind and also pour hot water on him. this clears him up. they also discover Dr. Martinez and Jeb are missing but last seen together. The whole flock searches the house to find any info. on them. Iggy finds Ellas cell phone and nudge hacks it, finding a map to the school they were just at where the plane crashed. THey go there and get ella then camp in the desert. Ella is recovered and while they sleep that night, she leaves a message in the dirt saying "i was meant to have wings" . when the flock wake up the next day, they discover shes gone and also the message. Meanwhile (actually in the middle of this but i forgot to add it) fang gathers the rest of fangs flock (nicknamed fangs gang by ratchet) which includes Stargirl (often called star) who can run SUPER fast and has fast reflexes. Star is described to be blond. then there is Kate, an asian girl with thick hair who is MEGA strong. THen, Holden Squibb (also known as starfish) who can regenerate limbs. He is said to look about 12 years old and scrawny while he is really almost 15. And, of course, Maya- better known as Max II, max's clone who has long history with the flock. she now goes by maya and dyed a magenta streak in her hair. Ratchet sees the way fang reacts to her because maya reminds him of max and thinks they're dating. They quickly deny it. Also they play a never have i ever game in which a lot is revealed about fangs gang. For instance, even thought they fight all the time, Star and Ratchet have similar backgrounds and they have all been locked in cages sometime in their life (poor guys....) and so they decide to go to the next doomsday convention (also known as the onelight convention) at comic con. While at comic con, they discover the convention is not being held there and go somewhere nearby. they see other mutants like themselves and freak out over the chant "save the earth , kill the humans." fang decides this is bigger than he can handle and calls max, who is in the desert when she get the call because all of this fang stuff was spaced out between the previous events but i forgot to mention it. the flock votes to rejoin fang rather than try to find ella. the two flocks meet at a restaurant where things seriously heat up (so cute) and max is insulting maya and fang and dylan are fighting so fang asks max to come outside with him to talk things through. they talk things through in the air and it does not end all happy dappy. they come back into the restaurant to find that the kids started a food fight. just as security is about to show up, dylan hops up on a chair and starts singing a song to max and everyone is so awed by his voice that they forget the food fight and he takes max outside the restaurant and kisses her. the flock finds out about a big one light convention in paris and take a private jet there. gazzy accidentally mentions dylan and max breeding to fang who gets mad. then maya defends fang and max insults her and finally angel and kate end the fight. in paris, the flocks decide to advertize being "evolved" doing airshows, reading minds, etc. angel decides to get inside the secrets of all this and becomes a onelight member along with gazzy. before this, a restaurant they had went to caught fire. angel helped a kid stuck in the fire safely out. right when the big pep rally is about to begin, fang and go looking for angel who still hasn't come back with gazzy. they find them in the sewer tunnels attached to a bomb set to destroy all of paris. max gets back out to help the flock stop the one light during the pep rally, and fang gazzy and angel try to stop the bomb. Dylan max and the flock fight the major boss of the one light mess. they defeat them and in the end fang comes to help them, leading max to think gazzy and angel were ok. a very small explosion takes place, from the sewer tunnels. hey were able to turn the bomb enough that it didn't destroy paris but did minor damage. ANGEL IS MISSING! and believed to be dead. gazzy got out just in time and thought angel was right behind him but was left in the tunnels at the time of the explosion. fang and his gang take off again. angel is not dead, as stated in the epilogue.

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