You can call me Agent Mickelson.

Dean Mickelson to Max, School's Out - Forever

In School's Out - Forever, during the Flock's interrogation at the hospital, Max was interrogated by an FBI agent named Agent Mickelson.


While the Flock was being interrogated, he said to Max that she could just call him Agent Mickelson, then asked her if her name was short for something. After she said no, he looked back at his notes and said that he knew the Flock's "parents" weren't missionaries. Max tried to convince him they were, but to no avail; Agent Mickelson then asked her if she knew Jeb Batchelder, and held up a photograph of the man. Max denied knowing him and attempted to play dumb when asked if she'd ever been to Colorado. Agent Mickelson told Max that they wanted to help her, but that she needed to help them first; this infuriated Max, who told him the saying is untrue and stupid. He clenched his jaw, blushed from anger, and tensely tried to to say more to Max, though Anne Walker came in at that moment and took over from there.

Agent Mickelson then gathered up his files, nodded at Max, and left to confer with another agent.


  • His real first name is Dean.

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