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It'll be okay, Max. I'll be with you always, no matter what. And Max—I believe in you. Forever.

Angel, ANGEL


Max's Baby
The Littlest Bird
Vital Statistics
Gender Female
Family Gazzy (brother)
The Flock
Clone: Angel II
Status Alive
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Blonde
Height About 4'
Affiliation The Flock
Weapons Her mind, hands, and feet
Species Avian-human hybrid
Home Nowhere
Appearances The Angel Experiment,

School's Out - Forever, Saving the World and Other Extreme Sports, The Final Warning, MAX, FANG, ANGEL, Nevermore, Maximum Ride Forever

Angel is the youngest original member of the Flock and the one who "hit the genetic jackpot". She is the "baby sister" of the entire Flock and like a daughter to Max.


The Angel Experiment

While out picking strawberries with the rest of the Flock, Angel was kidnapped by Erasers and taken to the School. At the School, she was experimented on multiple times; during her time there, she had to run non-stop on a treadmill for three and a half hours, have her blood tested, and run a maze repeatedly. Gazzy and Iggy eventually liberated her, along with the rest of the Flock, and they made their way to New York City.

School's Out - Forever

Angel was the first one to figure out that Max II was a fake, due to her telepathic abilities.

Saving the World and Other Extreme Sports

The Flock was re-captured by the School after Flyboys abducted half the Flock and Jeb and Angel captured Max and Fang. Later on, however, when the Flock was about to be "retired", Angel turned on ter Borcht and knocked him out. She then helped to keep the other whitecoats away as Ari Batchelder freed the rest of the Flock.

The Final Warning

Angel acquired the ability to change her appearance.


Angel started becoming more and more disobedient, and Max had to "save" her several times. Angel did end up saving the day herself many times, though, and in the end she was the key to solving the problem of the toxic waste and the "mountain" (the Krelp) and rescuing Max's mom. Angel approved of Max and Fang's relationship, even giving them a thumbs-up in the epilogue as they kissed in the sky.

Angel also argued that she was seven, not six, halfway through the book.


She befriended a young girl named Jeanne while the Flock was in Chad, Africa. In that same book, she and the rest of the Flock had a birthday party, celebrating that they were a year older. Angel frequently asked to take over the Flock and become the leader in place of Max, and eventually she managed to do so temporarily.


Angel disappeared after a Doomsday Group rally resulted in the Place de la Concorde in Paris, France, being destroyed.


Angel was revealed to be alive and was again forced to undergo more experimentation. After being shown a video clip of the operation that resulted in Iggy becoming blind, she underwent the same procedure and was temporarily blinded. As the Flock headed to the School to save her, the building caught on fire and every whitecoat inside it died. Fortunately, however, Angel survived and managed to be rescued.

During the apocalypse, she revealed that she was the Voice, though nobody believed her at first. She survived the Split along with Max, Fang, and Dylan, and stayed above-ground to live.

Maximum Ride Forever

She tried to convince Max that they needed to head to Russia, though Max once again did not believe her. Angel was also present with Horseman when a group of Horsemen killed Fang.

Before the final battle with the Remedy, she showed her army images of what happened during the apocalypse and caused Max to understand the full extent of her abilities.

Physical Appearance

Angel has curly blonde hair and 8-foot-wide, pure white wings that together give her an ironic "angelic" appearance. It's suspected that her avian DNA came from a dove, petrel, or swan. Angel is very tall for her age, standing at 4'.


Marvel angel

Angel in the Marvel series

Readers were shown in the third book that Angel was evil, though this was just a plan she and Max had come up with in case the worst ever happened.

Although her abilities are mainly used to aid the Flock, Angel was not above using them for herself, such as one instance in the fourth book where she cheated in a game of poker against some scientists on board the research ship in Antarctica. As revealed by a crew member after finding out she could read minds, "She took me for thirty bucks!"

Angel acted much more grown-up in FANG and approved of Dr. Hans Gunther-Hagen's ideas. In Maximum Ride Forever, however, she was no longer on his side.



Angel has been able to read minds since she was born, but her range was very small and the only way she could pick up thoughts was if she was close to the person she was listening to. As she got older, her range expanded. When she reads the thoughts, she can not only tell what they're thinking but also sense their emotions, correctly interpreting what they are feeling. In ANGEL, Max said "she can pick up on peoples energy and emotions."

Some people, however, are immune to Angel's telepathy all together.

Breathing underwater

Angel is able to breathe underwater due to her gills, though the Flock cannot see her gills and Iggy can't feel them either. She can also communicate mentally with fish.


There was a brief moment when Angel is shown to be able to change her appearance/features, but this technique is only mentioned/used in The Final Warning then seemingly forgotten for the rest of the series.

The Voice

It was revealed that Angel has a Voice in her head like Max had and Ari once had. In Nevermore, it was also revealed that the Voice in Max's head that gave her suggestions on what to do was Angel.



Max loves Angel like a daughter, and considered Angel her favorite Flock member. Their relationship changed in FANG, where Angel wanted to take Max's place as leader and betrayed the Flock, but she returned in the end.


Gazzy is Angel's biological brother. The two of them are also the only blood siblings out of the entire Flock.


Angel also owns a small, black Scottish Terrier dog named Total, who was stolen from the Institute for Higher Living. He is a mutant as well, and has abilities such as jumping very high, speaking, and flying with wings that he develops gradually.


  • In The Angel Experiment, Angel is said to like cozy spaces, which contradicts the fact that the entire Flock is claustrophobic.
  • She always beats anyone in poker.
  • She had always thought she's more special than Max.
  • In The Final Warning, she wanted a baby penguin.
  • On one of the versions of the cover for ANGEL, she is shown standing with Max.
  • In Maximum Ride Forever, Max dubbed her a prophet after she showed her army the apocalyptic images.

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