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Ari, The Angel Experiment

Ari eraser

Ari's Eraser form (in the manga)

Ari is the only son of Jeb Batchelder—one of the top scientists at the School—and the half-brother of Maximum Ride. He is also the leader of the Erasers.


Early History

Young ari

Ari as a child (Manga)


Ari's human form (in the manga)

Unlike the other hybrids, Ari spent his early life as a non-mutant human. When he was three years old, Jeb disappeared along with the Flock, leaving Ari at the tender mercies of the School's genetic scientists. The geneticists used Ari as an experiment, splicing his DNA with that of a wolf in order to create a new breed of Eraser that could live longer than the previous versions (those whose DNA had been spliced in the womb). But Ari didn't turn out as well as the scientists had hoped.

The Angel Experiment

While Max and the Flock are out picking strawberries at their mountain home, Ari and a pack of Erasers drop out of the sky. During the fight, Max is pinned down by two of them; as she tries to get back up, she is slammed back down to the ground by another one of the Erasers. This Eraser, smiling horribly as he speaks, knows Max, though Max doesn't recognize him.

School's Out - Forever

In this book, Ari, despite having been killed in the previous book, comes back to life after the School fuses the bones in his neck; he also has wings retrofitted on him by the whitecoats (though it is later said that his wings don't work right and are very painful).

While Max is having ice-cream with Sam, he is seen with Max II for the first time.

Saving the World and Other Extreme Sports

Ari joins up with Max's half of the Flock in this book. While the other Erasers were "retired" (killed), the whitecoats allowed Ari to continue to live, as his expiration date had recently appeared on the back of his neck, indicating that he'd die on his own anyways. After learning that his death is approaching, Ari becomes extremely depressed and seems to lose his hatred of Max and the Flock.

When the Flock is held captive in the School, he shows Max some of the experiments and tells her of the whitecoats' plans for Re-Evolution, saying that even though he knows he will die soon, he hopes that the Flock can still escape and stop it.

He helps Angel find Total (who the whitecoats took from the Flock) and breaks open a cage that they're trapped in. Realizing that the white coats will probably kill him for helping them escape, Max asks Ari to join them, much to the displeasure of the rest of the Flock (except, perhaps, for Angel). Ari is very grateful to Max for taking him in and promises to keep her safe. He joins Max's "mini-flock" when the Flock splits and goes with her, Angel, Nudge, and Total to Europe. During this time, Max notes that he doesn't talk much, as if he didn't think he had a right to an opinion.

It is revealed that, because Jeb is Max's father, Ari is her half-brother.

Ari tries to back up Max during her tests against Omega; and later, when a mutant riot breaks out, he uses his strength to literally "toss smaller mutants into the mosh pit of death". In the midst of the fight, he suddenly collapses. Max tries to find where he was hurt, but he wasn't injured. His time has run out and he suddenly expires.

The Final Warning

At the beginning of the book, there is a memorial held in his honor by the Flock and Jeb is at Ari's makeshift funeral. Each of the flock drops dirt onto the casket, and Angel, the Gasman, Fang say a few words. Most of the Flock—primarily Max, Nudge, Total, and Angel - break down and cry.


Mr. Chu builds and M-Geek copy of Ari to intimidate Max and the flock. Gazzy and Iggy destroy it with an explosive. Upon closer inspection, Max claims that it "still looked a ton like Ari, but I could tell it wasn't a perfect copy".


In Nevermore, Ari is cloned perfectly (retaining all of his memories) and kills Maya; however, he is killed by Dylan when he attempts to kill Fang. This is the last time Ari is seen in the series, though Jeb's survival and Angel's words suggest that he was recreated again after the book ended.

Physical Appearance

Despite his young age, Ari is the size of a full-grown human because of the genetic engineering performed on him by the School. He is always in a partially morphed state; not quite human and not quite wolf, he is the most "wolf-like" of all the Erasers.


In the first book, Ari's traits seem to be quite adult-like, while in the second book, the reader discovers his feelings and thoughts are often like those of his seven-year-old self. This is best shown when he goes to Best Mart in the second book, where he steals a Game Boy and is also disgusted by a woman holding a bra in public.

Ari also exhibits slight masochistic tendencies, as illustrated when he bites himself several times in School's Out Forever, because the pain "felt better."


In School's Out - Forever, it is revealed that Ari has a strong (but reluctant) admiration for Max. He even comes up with a plan to steal Max away, so she could 'read to him and play games with him'. However his wolfish-seven-year-old self shows through when he adds that he planned to cut off her wings.

Angel informs Max that Ari loves her, loves her a lot, although he constantly tries to kill her. Max's reaction was something like: "Jeez. Ari loved me? Like a little kid? Like a big Eraser? Was that why he kept trying to kill me? He needed to read an article about how to send clearer signals."

Ari wants Max to be his friend, although he tries to wound Fang to the point of hospitalization because he doesn't seem to like Max with Fang. He considers just taking Max as his friend, and the two will live together somewhere in hiding.

Ari and Max share many similarities, the most obvious being that they are both mutants and both hear "the Voice" in their heads. In The Angel Experiment, the possibility that Ari and Max are siblings is discussed.

Ari's greatest desire is to have his father be proud of him, and is extremely and horribly jealous of how his father dotes on Max. He one time expresses a desire to choke his father until Jeb realizes he ought to pay more attention to him. His father is proud of him in School's Out Forever when Ari tells him of his plan to steal Max, however.


  • Ari also had a Voice similar to Max's, as shown in School's Out Forever.
  • In the same book, he was thought by one child to be Wolverine from X-Men while at Disney World. He signed a shirt as "Wolverine", although later in the series it is said he can't even write his own name.
  • Ari has a very strong admiration for Max—he wants their relationship to be like a normal brother and sister's, he wants Max to read to him and teach him things, although he also wants to rip out her wings.
  • He is shown to come back to life multiple times, all of them because people are trying to get to Max by bringing her little brother back, or attempting to have him kill her.
  • Ari is one of the more wolfish Erasers, as the others being stunningly attractive Ari seems to be stuck between human and wolf.
  • He is shown as taking many pain-killers to ease the pain of wings, although he was willing to get the wings no matter if it hurt or not.
  • His birthday is somewhere in April. However, he may have never turned eight due to the reason he died shortly afterwards in Saving the World and Other Extreme Sports.

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