Has anyone really dreamed they could fly? Well I do it all the time, at school, at break and even when i'm sleeping!!! It's an amazing experience(whooooooooosh). I can fly fast, stall, bank, dive, swoop and many other things!!!! :) but, there's a catch, I don't really have wings!!! :'( it's all in my imagination, all of it. :'( I still can't believe I can fly!!!!! it's a dream come true, if you want to try it, follow these instructions:First imagine you got fourteen foot long wings, that is a bird that has a similar personality as yours, tucked close to your back all day long! Then imagine that you have just jumped off a bridge, right (wait, it gets better), then snap your wings out and feel the wind rush through your feathers and you give a stroke and you are flying above the bridge!! (whooosh) Keep going higher until you're higher than the clouds, then you feel the sudden rush of freeness flowing through your body, adreniline flowing madly!!! Tuck your wings in and fall towards the Earth as fast as you can, at the last moment snap your wings out and glide there for awhile. then take a running landing, and do it again tomorrow!! I truely recomend it!!! :) Try it out, and if it doesn't work, then try something else!! It only works if you have an open mind and vivid imagination!!! That's all I can say now :(

Peace out ;p Fangandme :) (talk) 16:58, October 18, 2012 (UTC)

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