Ensign Chad Workman was an ensign for the U.S. Navy in MAX.

History Edit


When the Flock was woken up for their first day of BSSTC training by an alarm, someone yelled, "Ensign Chad Workman reporting for duty!" Max opened the door to find someone—the ensign—standing in front of her; the ensign then said that he was supposed to lead them to the mess hall, "kit", and then the BSSTC grounds. Max called to the rest of the Flock, saying it was "time for the BS", then glanced at the ensign and said that they had the "mess thing" under their belts and also that the BSSTC would be up to him. Taken aback, he then asked the Flock if they were hungry and said that the mess hall was open.

After breakfast, he took the Flock to get uniforms; however, he was shocked when Max pulled out a pocketknife and started slashing long slits in the backs of their new shirts. He told them they were defacing property of the United States Navy, but Iggy said they had to let their wings out. Gazzy then snapped out his, causing the ensign to turn white.

Physical appearance Edit

He was described as being a young crew-cut guy wearing a uniform.

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