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Expiration dates were first mentioned in The Angel Experiment. All the mutants had them so that the School could tell how much time they had left to live.


The Angel ExperimentEdit

Max had a lucky break when an Eraser, who'd caught her during a fight, dropped dead as his expiration date kicked in.

Saving the World and Other Extreme SportsEdit

Ari Batchelder died in Max's arms at Itexicon's German headquarters after his expiration date arrived during the mutant riot.


When Angel said, "Fang will be first to die," Max thought his expiration date was coming. The Flock also pondered if Dylan had an expiration date too.


Ari Batchelder's expiration date
An expiration date appeared on the back of a mutant's neck like a bar code. The format of the date was as follows, according to Fang:
  1. The first number was the number of the month of the year of creation.
  2. The second was the last two digits of the year.
  3. The third was what number of its batch the mutant was.