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Gozen was unlike anything we'd come up against before. He was bigger, faster, human enough to be subtle but machine enough to have no conscience. I did think he was probably too heavy to fly, so yay for that.

Max, The Final Warning

Gozen was a character introduced in The Final Warning. However, he is not seen in any other books.

Appearance Edit

He was a cyborg that was "almost seven feet tall and easily over three hundred pounds ... Not only was he huge, but he had a human face patched onto a Frankenstein body. A curved, shiny metal plate covered part of his bare skull where they couldn't get skin to grow. One arm was a foot longer than the other, and the hand had metal spikes grafted onto the knuckle bones. His other arm, tinted faintly greenish as if the circulation had never worked properly, was hugely veined and muscled, the result of injecting human growth hormone directly into the flesh.

"The face was human, but when [Gozen] spoke, you could clearly see the bolts in his jawbone right beneath the skin. ... His voice sounded like a tape of a human voice played too slowly." However, "it wasn't nearly as mechanical as those of Generation K -- it had some inflection and a more normal tone."

Screen Shot 2015-09-07 at 9.31.50 PM

Mission Edit

Gozen was put in charge of capturing/eliminating Max and the Flock; he was also put in charge of being a guard to watch over the Flock for his boss, the Uber-Director, as well as he being his personal bodyguard.

Immoral Behavior Edit

He is very violent, and a ruthless killer; one of the Uber-Director's human assistants noted that he "had seen Gozen reach out, snatch a songbird from the air, and casually break its neck, tossing the light, brightly colored body aside. The assistant didn't know whether Gozen had morals or ethics or any sense of right or wrong. Mostly what he had been given was extreme, astonishing power."

Fate Edit

Gozen is assumed dead along with the Uber-Director when the pair got caught in a hurricane in Miami while the Flock flew away and lived. As for him, it is safe to assume that he fell to his death somewhere.

Trivia Edit

  • He follows any order without question.
    • Max states that she wishes Gazzy and Iggy could obey orders like Gozen.
  • At one point, Max calls him "the Incredible Humorless Hulk".
  • Nudge, at first, thought Gozen's name was Gyoza, like Japanese dumplings.
Clearly they had gotten this guy from Frank-n-steins R Us. ... He gave an impression of being chunked together from different alien species, and somehow it seemed even worse than Ari's awful wings, sewn into his back.

–Max, The Final Warning

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