Those of you who haven't been to Vegas—well, it's bizarre in sort of a "let's gussy up this car wreck" kind of way. It's Disney World meets the seedy underbelly of America. But with more liquor and people smoking. A grown-up amusement park.

–Max, FANG

In FANG, Max and Fang headed to Las Vegas, Nevada, after Max was kicked out of the Flock following a vote held by Angel.



Max and Fang were in Utah and sitting on trees when Fang first suggested they should go to Las Vegas.

Some time after they arrived, Max was working through Italian spumoni on a cone as she and Fang threaded their way through the sidewalk crowds. She confessed to him that she was dying to go to a casino, though he told her it was illegal because they were underage. Max stared at him, saying that it was just a way to make sure "crazy kids [didn't] spend all their parents' money" and that they just had their own hard-earned cash from the CSM air shows they did. Fang told her it had to be running low by then, but Max insisted and said that it was their vacation from the grown-ups of the Flock.

As Max was looking around, Fang pointed to The Trojan Horse. She began having second thoughts and asked if the Trojan Horse was a giant sculpture that had been full of enemy soldiers "back in the old days". Fang said he must have missed that lesson, however, and took Max's hand and walked in. While inside, they won the jackpot at a Treasure Island slot machine and ran into Dr. Hans Gunther-Hagen.

Max and Fang also attended a Cirque du Soleil performance, though their stay was cut short after the Russian Superman grabbed Max and forced her and Fang to flee.

Later on, while they were at an all-day breakfast buffet, Max called Nudge and learned that the rest of the Flock was going to a party with celebrities in Los Angeles. Deciding it was a trap, she and Fang left Vegas and headed to LA.

Maximum Ride ForeverEdit

It is mentioned that Vegas had become a blackened ghost town following the apocalypse.

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