The Lerner School for Gifted Children, named after a wealthy benefactor, was created for mutant kids shortly after Max's speech to Congress in The Final Warning. Jeb and Dr. Martinez ask the Flock to attend, as well as appear at the public opening. Just after the mayor cuts the ribbon, Max's Voice tells her that the Flock has a new mission, and they take off.

The school was created by "important people," but Max doesn't know who. Earlier, the Flock had a meeting with government officials who had been given the funds to create a school for mutant kids. They had not decided where to place it or whether to teach human children as well, but they did want to create a boarding school with “appropriate guardians and teachers.” It was clearly an excuse for the government to study the Flock. Max immediately refused, and Angel commented that that the officials didn't “really know what they want.” It is not known whether the possible government school is associated with the Lerner School.

The other students were probably mutants rescued from Itex. There is no mention of the Flock attending any classes; it must not have worked out, because in MAX, Jeb asks them to attend the Day and Night School, which has a more relaxed academic approach.

Location Edit

The Lerner School is located in a small town in Northern Virginia.


Max describes the building as bright, shiny and new.

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