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Lieutenant Colonel Palmer is one of the U.S. Navy members the Flock meets at the Pearl Harbor naval base in Hawaii. However, he only appears in MAX.

Story Edit

Lieutenant Colonel Palmer first appears when the Flock is stuck into a classroom along with some other students. Max complains about the fact that she's "sitting at a freaking desk" while Dr. Martinez is being held hostage by Mr. Chu, and Palmer snaps at her to "Sit down!"

He writes "LTC Palmer" on a whiteboard, which causes Angel to ask what LTC stands for. ("Loving Tender Care?" Gazzy suggested.) Lieutenant Colonel Palmer responds by telling them that it means "lieutenant colonel", and that they're "here to learn how to survive". Then, because Gazzy had spoken without being spoken to (which was a violation of one of their rules), Palmer informs him of it and forces him to respond with a "Yes sir."

After the incident, Max has a question about why the name Pearl Harbor sounds familiar. Lieutenant Colonel Palmer gives her a brief history about it (though it only rings a bell for Max after Gazzy tells her that "It was a movie with Ben Affleck."). Finally, he turns back to whiteboard and writes:

The Basics:
Personal Defense
Weapons Use
Outdoor Survival
Covert Operations

A few chapters later, he is seen in a meadow in the covert ops grounds after Gazzy incapacitates some of the guards. Palmer tells him that he was "forbidden to bring or to use antipersonnel weapons", to which Max responds saying "He didn't."

Shortly after Angel completes her covert ops training, he asks two other ensigns if they'd seen any of the Flock—"All five of these recruits exited the woods within four minutes!" Even after hearing their responses, though, he is still unable to believe that the bird kids hadn't cheated. Palmer is especially surprised that Angel had been able to get past the guards; "She's a child!" he protests after Max tells him once again that the Flock is "good at this stuff".

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