Lieutenant Morgan
Failure to follow these rules to the letter will result in your being disembarked at the closest possible location, and the mission will be scrubbed. Do I make myself perfectly clear?

Lieutenant Morgan, MAX

Lieutenant Morgan was one of the U.S. Navy members the Flock met at the Pearl Harbor naval base in MAX.

History Edit


When the Flock first arrived at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, via a private jet, she told them that they must pass a BSSTC—a basic survival skills training course—before being allowed to save Dr. Martinez, much to Max's frustration. As she was briefly talking to Dr. John Abate, Max interrupted her, saying that the Flock had all the survival skills they needed; however, the lieutenant just snorted, then ordered "a khaki-clad underling" to take the Flock and their dogs to their quarters.

She later was shown reading Lieutenant Colonel Palmer's report on the Flock and found it very difficult to believe that they performed as well as they did. Afterwards, she gave them permission to rescue Dr. Martinez the next day.

Physical appearance Edit

Shortly after she was introduced, she was described as having gray eyes and wearing a tailored khaki uniform; however, her eyes were later said to be icy blue.

Personality Edit

Known for her serious personality, the lieutenant was described as very tough-acting and stern. It was also said that she and Max "were almost evenly matched in the freeze-out glare category."

Trivia Edit

  • For the first few chapters after she was introduced, Max called her "Lieutenant Khaki".

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