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Sorry -- I got thrown. But listen: If we fight, we fight together. We're a team. Got it?

Maya, Nevermore

Max II, or Maya, is Maximum Ride's clone; she is first introduced in School's Out - Forever. She looks exactly like Max, but has a different personality.

History Edit

School's Out - Forever Edit

Max II first appeared in Book 2, where she was part of a plan to replace the original Max and have the Flock "retired". However, the Flock managed to figure out that she wasn't Max after she offered to cook, offered to fix Nudge's hair, and ordered Total off of the bed repeatedly. (Angel's telepathic abilities also contributed to this.)

At the end of the same book, Max II fought what was supposed to be a fight to the death against the original Max, but was spared because Max refused to kill her, telling the whitecoats that she wouldn't sink to their pathetic level. She regards Max II as another person.

Saving the World and Other Extreme Sports Edit

Her whereabouts after the bomb at the Itexicon building in the previous book were unknown until the third book, which is when the Flock found her at Itexicon's German headquarters, along with other mutants preparing for termination. She warns the original Max about how fast Itex is killing the mutants, and says that they only have about a day before they too are terminated. (When she first appears in this book, she is seen with two other clones that look exactly like Nudge and Angel; however, whether or not the boys of the Flock have clones is never revealed.)

Between Saving the World and Other Extreme Sports and ANGELEdit

Despite the disolution of Itex at the end of the third book, Max II is not terminated and is moved back to a facility in New York (possibly the Institute of Higher Living) where she remained for an unknown amount of time. At some point she was liberated (ANGEL, Ch 59) from her cage and moved to Europe where she learns some French and decides to change her name to Maya, a name which she retains for the rest of the series. She finally returns to the United States upon seeing Fang's post asking for mutant volunteers.


Maya joins Fang's Gang in the seventh book.  Max is furious after finding out about this, and she and Fang often argue about it. Max begins to think Maya is just her replacement. Although Fang shows signs of having feelings for her, she knows it's only because he misses Max. Maya also argues with Max, saying that she is her own person, and not just a clone. Fang is on Maya's side in these arguments, and he says she is unique.

Nevermore Edit

In Nevermore, Maya is shown with Fang's Gang up to the moment Ari shows up and mistakenly calls her Max, and then laughs when she says she's Maya, not Max, and Ari is taken aback, then scoffs that she is slower and her reflexes aren't as fast as his sister's. Infuriated, Maya jumps up and the two fight until Maya falls from the sky and Fang catches her, finding out her neck is a mess of blood, and Ari ambushes them and lunges, crushing her chest with his arm. She dies in Fang's arms after battling Ari's clone.

Physical Appearance Edit

Max II (manga)

Max II, as shown in the manga

She is said to look exactly like Max physically, even having "identical scars and scratches" with her.

When she joins Fang's Gang, it was said that she had a faint pink streak in her hair. In Nevermore, she is said to have a short pixie cut.

Personality Edit

In the second book, Max II dislikes the Flock and Total, thinking of them as irritating. She wonders why Max stays with them.

She seems to have a bad temper, and isn't much like the real Max at all. She seems convinced that the original Max is full of herself, but speaks with empathy when observing her.

She seems to have a soft spot for Ari, since she is known to hang around with him in suspicious ways, on rooftops and other places. Ari enjoys Max II's company since she bothers Jeb, and since she is identical to the original Max.

In ANGEL, it is shown more plainly that she is her own person, not just Max's clone. She does not want to be anything like Max.


  • Physically, she is an exact replica of Max. Mentally, she is not.
  • She is also much more sensitive than the original Max.
  • Fang depended on her in many situations while making choices, and when she was gone Fang was completely brokenhearted.
  • In ANGEL, Max hints that Maya was the bird-girl from the Institute for Higher Living. But, in the 2nd manga of the series, the bird girl is shown and (mentioned by Max) resembles Max only in that fact that they have wings and are more or less the same age, not in appearance. So it is safe to say that the chances are unlikely.
  • In Sanskrit, "Maya" means "illusion". This might be a reference to Maya looking the same as Max.

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