James Patterson's Max Ride: First Flight[1] is the name of a Marvel comic mini-series based on the Maximum Ride novels. The first issue was released on April 8, 2015.[2] It was followed by Ultimate Flight.

Background Edit

During October 2014, it was confirmed at Marvel's New York Comic Con Panel that James Patterson was to team up with Marvel to adapt Maximum Ride into a comic series.[1] In July 2016, Marvel released a coloring book featuring illustrations from First Flight and Ultimate Flight.


Plot Edit

During an interview prior to the release of the arc, Patterson said the following:

I’ve given Marvel license. In fact, I’ve encouraged them to make this Marvel’s “Maximum Ride,” so I expect some changes in the story. I expect we’ll age the kids a bit. … I’d like them to mess with it. It’s obviously a very visual series, which I think is great. My hope is that it will be the best series I’ve ever done. That’s what I want to happen.

–James Patterson[1][3]

It is also said that the series follows "the soaring adventures of Max and the “flock” – Fang, Iggy, Nudge, Gasman and Angel – a group of ordinary teenage kids – only they are the product of genetic tampering that has given them extraordinary abilities, but their lives quickly morph into a living nightmare as they try to escape their creators and defend themselves from half-human, half-wolf “Erasers”."[1]

The first arc, First Flight, follows the events of the Angel Experiment, but is much more condensed and has some minor plot changes.

Differences from the Books Edit

  • The Flock’s wings are made out of a metal alloy “harder than bone.”
  • The Flock buried Jeb’s body when he died. His return has not been fully explained.
  • They do not recognize Ari as Jeb’s seven-year-old, son, but as the worst of the Erasers. He also has three eyes.
  • Max has red hair, and later gains three scars over her right eye from Ari’s claws.
  • Gazzy works mainly with computers when creating bombs.
  • Iggy’s main power is to be a “human compass” who can sense locations.
  • Fang is more of a joker, and not particularly quiet.

Issues Edit

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References Edit

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