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Maximum Ride was the working title of a film based on the Maximum Ride book series. It was to be directed by Catherine Hardwicke, director of Twilight, but she quit as director. It is now unclear who will direct the film (or even if there will be a film), though executive producer James Patterson has said he is "...very hopeful as opposed to mildly depressed" about the possibility of the film still being made.


Former director Catherine Hardwicke had hoped to have Kristen Stewart, the actress of Bella Swan in Twilight, play Max, but James Patterson hopes that Max will be played by a new actress, though it is unconfirmed who the cast will be. The movie was going to start filming in 2010, but Catherine Hardwicke requested that the script be re-written, postponing the filming until 2014. In early 2011, Catherine Hardwicke quit as director. Don Payne replaced her, but he died of bone cancer in late March 2013 at the age of 48[2]. A feature film produced by Collective Digital Studio is currently in production.


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