Michael Lazzara is the name of the librarian at the Virginian school that the Flock attended in School's Out - Forever. However, he is not seen in any other books.

History Edit

Max first learned about him shortly before meeting Sam in the library.

Later, when Gazzy and Iggy detonated their second bomb, he was seen yelling out to call the students for a fire drill.

He was also seen when Mr. Pruitt and some of the teachers were pulling out Tasers in the teachers' lounge. However, he was not one of the three who pulled them out.

Personality Edit

He was described as being nice and smart, and it was also said that everyone seemed to like him a lot.

At one point in the story, he rolled his eyes when Mr. Pruitt yelled at a kid who was slouching in their chair. According to Max, Lazzara didn't seem to like the principal, either.


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