Mrs. Griffiths

Mrs. Griffiths, as shown in the manga

Mrs. Griffiths is Iggy's mother and the wife of Tom Griffiths. Her only appearances are in School's Out - Forever and the fourth manga volume.

Her son was kidnapped as an infant. Fourteen years later, she and her husband appeared on TV for an interview because other children had recently been disappearing. She said during the interview that the pain never went away. She later tells the Flock that she kept her baby's old room untouched just in case he came back one day.

They lived in the same small, old-fashioned suburban brick house in the D.C. area for at least fourteen years. There was a large church with a spire one block away. When Max and Fang went to visit, pretending to be selling newspapers, Mrs. Griffiths was drying her hands on a dishtowel and told them she was already subscribed to the Post.

When she met Iggy, she was immediately convinced that he was her son. She remembers his birthmark and uses it to identify him. She fiercely tells Max that Iggy belongs with his family and that she's "never letting him go." She says that she doesn't care about his blindness: "We can handle anything, if we have him back."

Unfortunately, according to Iggy, when he revealed his wings, his parents started a bidding war with eight different publishers and magazines to sell interviews and photos. Rather than be turned into a sideshow freak, he ran away.

Griffiths ultimate flight

Mrs. Griffiths and her husband in Max Ride: Ultimate Flight

Appearance Edit

Mrs. Griffiths closely resembled Iggy. She was tall and thin, with strawberry-blond hair, freckles, and light blue eyes.

Trivia Edit

  • Her real first name was never revealed.
  • There are many inconsistencies surrounding the Griffiths family. In The Angel Experiment, it was originally said that Mrs. Griffiths died in childbirth. It was later revealed that her husband was dead and she was alive. However, in School's Out - Forever, both were alive. On TV, a reporter said that her baby had been kidnapped from the hospital right after he was born, but she and her husband later tell Iggy that he was taken from their house when he was four months old.

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