Ms hamilton

Ms. Hamilton is a woman the Flock meets at Jeb's Day and Night School. However, she is not seen in any other books.

Appearance Edit

She is described as having a smile that "reached her eyes".

Story Edit

The Flock first meets her at the door of the school. She tells them that they "need to test [the Flock's] knowledge, so [they'll] know [their] strengths and weaknesses".

Ms. Hamilton takes them to a classroom, and the Flock sits down "in chairs that were designed to accommodate the wingless." She tells them that she'll be testing them in math first; at this time, Total asks if they have "paw-ready" calculators, to which she replies, "No, we don't have any paw-ready calculators."

Four hours later, she tells the Flock that their "reading levels ranged between first grade and twelfth grade and that [they have] amazing vocabularies...[They] spelled about as well as four-year-olds do but [have] off-the-charts visual memories." Ms. Hamilton also tells them that they were "very, very, very bright kids who haven't had much schooling".

She also compliments Angel, saying that "[she's] so far off the chart that [they'll] have to invent a special chart just for [her]."

Trivia Edit

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