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North Adams School Floorplan

Floorplan of the building

The North Adams School is a school the Flock attends while staying with Anne Walker in School's Out - Forever.

Story Edit

The Flock attended school for only a few weeks, while the Erasers spied on them from outside. Iggy and Gazzy set off a stink bomb on their first day. Later, the entire school went on a field trip to the Capitol and the White House. Iggy and the Gasman set off a second explosion in the school not long afterward, prompting the Flock’s second visit to the principal’s office. However, by this point the Flock had found a tunnel under the building and began to investigate the school’s history.

After Iggy went to stay with his parents, the school held a meeting where they announced that he was missing. Max left the meeting and, while avoiding the headmaster, ducked into the Teachers’ Lounge. However, three of the teachers there immediately pulled out Tasers. The headmaster arrived and attempted to tie Max up, but she escaped and signaled the Flock. Sam tried to help her, but she was worried that he was an Eraser. The Flock flew away, narrowly avoiding a team of Erasers.

Description Edit

The school resembled a large house made of cream-colored stone, with ivy growing on one wall, surrounded by well-tended grounds. All students wore uniforms.

History Edit

The school used to be an insane asylum—the Standish Home for Incurables. Although the brochures and signs claimed that the school had been founded in 1985, Google results showed that the school had only existed for the past two years, and the mental asylum's files supported this. Gazzy and Iggy, after reading some files about it, theorized that the headhunter was a patient who killed all the other people staying/working there and opened the school.

Staff Edit

Students Edit

Trivia Edit

  • The North Adams School is named in the extra materials at the end of School's Out - Forever - files stolen from Itexicon by the Flock. These include letters, newspaper articles, a floorplan, and more.
  • Its address is 108 St. Anthony's St. East, Arlington, VA 22201.
  • In Max Ride: Ultimate Flight, the school they attend is named Woodbrook Academy.

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