At first it was very good fortune, you can imagine. So much meat that we didn't have to hunt. But now, as you see, the meat rots, and we are very hungry.

Nuru to Max, Maximum Ride Forever

Nuru is a minor character introduced in Maximum Ride Forever, and the sister of Azizi. However, she is not seen in any other books.


Shortly after Max lands in eastern Africa among thousands of dead animals, a woman turns to her and exclaims in surprise that she is not burned. Max then asks why all the animals died, and the woman says that if she comes with her and her brother (Azizi) to their hut, they'll talk.

Once inside the hut, Azizi begins to tell the story as the woman—Nuru—explains that they have to cover their skin due to the heat. Later on, as she is boiling animal bones for their marrow, she says that the apocalypse was good fortune at first; so many animals had died, they didn't have to hunt for their meat. However, as the animals began rotting, she and Azizi found themselves starving.

Max asks them if they wondered what had happened to the burn victims, and Nuru answers that they did wonder, but also that they cannot return to the city due to the city's view on albinism. They'd instead chosen to come to the caldera because one of Africa's tribes—the Maasai tribe—believes albinos to be better fortune when alive as opposed to dead. At times, the tribe would bring the couple cattle blood to drink; after saying this, she holds out a clay cup of it to Max. The bird kid takes a drink out of the cup...then Nuru reveals that she'd just drunk the last of their stash.

Max almost chokes on the blood, then takes Nuru's hand and promises to help find food. The woman is overjoyed upon seeing her wings, saying that the Flock leader is a gift to them.

Later that night, Nuru attempts to cut off Max's wings with a machete. Enraged, Max breaks a hole in the roof of their hut, steals the machete, and flies away from them, and the couple is never seen again.


Nuru has amber eyes and almost always is seen covered in folds of fabric.


Max compares her to Angel in the sense that, while her brother is goofy, she is "measured and unreadable".


  • Nuru, like her brother, is albino.

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