And now, we have saved the best for last. I give you...Generation Omega!

–The Director introducing Omega, Saving the World and Other Extreme Sports

Omega was a superhuman boy created by Itexicon. His only appearance was in Saving the World and Other Extreme Sports.

Appearance Edit

When Max first saw Omega for the first time at Itexicon's mutant showcase, she believed him to be about her age, but he was shorter and looked around forty pounds heavier. He had pale brown hair and silvery-blue eyes, and he was wearing a specially-designed suit that could change color and form if instructed to do so with information of the flock.

Abilities Edit

Agility & Speed Edit

Omega could move incredibly fast and was very agile, as shown when he handspringed over to Max for the first time.

Strength Edit

He was also very strong—according to the Director, his muscles were approximately four hundred percent stronger and denser than those of a regular boy, and he was easily able to beat Max in a contest of strength.

Intelligence Edit

In addition, he was shown to be exceedingly smart—he solved a "pointless" math problem, as Max called it, in mere seconds.

Weaknesses Edit

Jeb revealed that Omega couldn't track things fast, and this was proven when Max waved her hand in front of his face—his eyes were unable to follow the motion. Using this new knowledge, Max was finally able to defeat him, though she chose not to kill him.

Fate Edit

His fate after the apocalypse and Saving the World and Other Extreme Sports is unknown.


  • Omega, like Dylan, was supposed to be a perfect being.
    • He was also the result of over sixty years of research, according to the Director.
  • He tended to be a bit of a showoff, doing fancy moves like back flipping over to Max in order to face her in the final battle.
  • Omega also was one of the experiments who didn't have a soul.
  • The final letter of the Greek alphabet is known as Omega (Ω or ω). Given this information, it can be assumed that Generation Omega (how the Director refers to him the very first time he is introduced) was the last (or at least was meant to be the last) mutant generation created by Itexicon; however, other mutants were created later in the series.