Oh, my god, three and a half hours. And its heart rate only increased by seventeen percent. And then at the end—it was only in the last, like, twenty minutes that its peak oxygen levels broke.

Reilly about Angel, The Angel Experiment

Reilly was a sadistic whitecoat who appeared while Angel was being held captive at the School in The Angel Experiment. He was not seen in any other books.


Reilly first appeared while Angel was running on a treadmill as part of an experiment. Whenever she stopped running, he zapped electricity into her with a "stick thing", resulting in her getting burned. When Angel finally passed out, Reilly zapped her repeatedly, but she didn't wake up until the whitecoats began taking off her electrodes. As they did so, he remarked about her results, though his way of referring to her—as an "it"—enraged her.

During a glucose assay, Angel bit Reilly as he tried to draw her blood, resulting in him hitting her on the left side of her face. When another whitecoat heard about this, he said that Reilly "should work in a car wash" and told an unidentified someone to tell Reilly not to "damage the merchandise."

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