Renny is a minor character who appears alongside Chuck in Maximum Ride Forever.

Plot Edit

Two young members of a "cleanup crew" working for the Remedy encounter a sick Fang. Despite their youth, they both wield guns; Renny's is a Benelli. Renny stumbles backward in shock when Fang reveals his wings, but he and Chuck are in awe of him when they think he's a Horseman. Renny volunteers the information that they serve the One Light and would like to become Horsemen, but have to kill fifty survivors first. Renny has killed seven. Fang offers to teach thm to become soldiers in return for some of Renny's jerky. Renny acts adoring towards Fang, while Chuck is more suspicious. Chuck is about to shoot Fang when Star runs in and knocks both boys over. Fang marches them onto a ledge above a canyon. Renny tells him that he's a jerk. Fang throws their guns into the canyon and leaves them.

Description Edit

Renny is about twelve or thirteen and has blond hair and pimples. 

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