Rizal is a human-fish hybrid that makes his first appearance in Maximum Ride Forever. However, he is not seen in any other books.


After getting shot down from the sky by a flare, Max, Nudge, and Total land in a taut rope net held by dozens of mutants; a voice then commands the mutants to release the bird kids, and the mutants all let go of the net simultaneously. Max tumbles to the ground along with her flockmates and looks up at the mutants' leader, who says his name is Rizal. She knows almost immediately that he's in charge due to the way the other kids looked at him.

When she demands to know why the Flock was shot down, Rizal responds by saying that Jonny Diamond had been working for months on the Jeweled Star, a defense mechanism; Max snaps at him, saying that she doesn't care what it's called. Rizal then answers her question by saying that it was a warning to stay away from the island.

Max also says that, since Rizal and the gang were a part of the original mutant group that had been brought to the island, the Flock belongs with them as well. However, he says that that is not the case anymore and has two of the kids flanking him take the three Flock members hostage.

The next morning, Max—after Rizal stands in front of their lobster cage prison with a knife—taunts him by asking if he thinks that killing a bound person is cowardly. Quietly, he opens the cage door, cuts off the Flock members' binding ropes, and dumps a fish basket at their feet, saying that they use their weapons for hunting and that nobody gives his group orders.

After they are done eating, Rizal informs them that the Flock can stay...but under three conditions: they must not swim in open water; they must not hunt, and they must not leave the caves. Total protests that he and the girls will be fine, but Rizal dismisses the suggestion, saying that they'll be killed if they break the rules.


Rizal is described as being short and muscular, with deeply tanned skin and long bangs.


  • Rizal may be named after José Rizal, a Filipino historical figure who was executed by the Spanish army in the late 19th century.

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