We liked this house. We didn't want to leave.

Max, The Angel Experiment

In The Angel Experiment, after the Flock was accused of sleeping in the trees of Central Park and after Angel lost Celeste to some cops, they ran away again. This time, instead of going back to the Central Park Zoo, they ran into a church—the Saint Patrick's Cathedral

History Edit

The Flock was headed south and east, out of the park, at first, hoping to get lost among the crowds of people in the streets. They passed Fifty-fourth Street, but the police were still behind them. While running, Fang suggested they go inside a store and then back out through a back exit. Max] pondered about this while thinking about taking off and flying away, since she had a strong urge to snap out her wings. In the end, she said to turn east on Fifty-first Street; almost laughing, she realized it was a one-way street going the wrong way, meaning the cops would need to take a detour in order to catch up.

Max skidded to a halt like a cartoon character when the cathedral loomed in front of her. Gazzy asked if it was a museum, and Max had scanned for the sign: Saint Patrick's Cathedral. Nudge exclaimed that she'd never been inside a church and asked Max if they could go inside. The Flock leader was about to remind her that they were running for their lives and not just visiting New York when Fang whispered, "Sanctuary."

Then Max remembered that churches used to be safe havens for people hundreds of years ago since cops weren't allowed in them. Knowing that that may have changed since then, she had her doubts, but then she considered the size and said yes.

Once inside, the Flock went to an empty pew and prayed.


The cathedral is described as being an enormous building made out of gray stone, with a crystal-like tower pointing up towards the sky. There also were three arched doors, with the middle one being the biggest.

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