Sheila is a news reporter on the Channel Seven News on the Hour, who makes her only appearance in one chapter of ANGEL.

Story Edit

As Fang is flicking through the television channels at the hotel, a news channels pops up. Two people—one female with "perfectly coiffed" hair, the other male—are discussing the Doomsday Group dilemma; the woman then asks what their name means.

The man—Dan—tells her that they have very little information about the topic, and he reveals her name in the process. Attempts of communication have also been made...but so far without success.

Sheila then looks through her notes and says that their European correspondent is in Paris, where a rally had taken place earlier. The screen then cuts to the correspondent, and Sheila is not seen again.

Appearance Edit

  • She is described as being concerned, as well as having perfectly coiffed hair.

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