Sloan was Nudge's love interest in Nevermore while the Flock was at a school in Oregon. However, he is not mentioned in any other books.


One night, Sloan, Nudge, Dylan, and Max decided to go see Blood City III: The Massacre, a horror movie. After the movie, Sloan wanted Nudge to come over to his "place", since it was only nine o'clock at night. However, as soon as the quartet left the theater, Ari and two other Erasers appeared. Sloan learned from their conversation with Max that Nudge is a mutant and was terrified.

He hightailed it out of the parking lot after calling Nudge a freak. The next day, he publicly ridiculed her in front of all the popular kids, and the news was all over various social media websites "in less than a minute", causing her to become an outcast.

Appearance Edit

Sloan had brown skin and several dreadlocks pulled back in a loose ponytail He was also said to have been wearing a varsity jersey when the flock first saw him, meaning that he was in at least tenth grade, "probably eleventh." Max described him as being "male-model cute".

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