This is Sofia Tabernilla reporting from Paris, where the so-called Doomsday Group has been very active today.

–Sofia Tabernilla, ANGEL

Sofia Tabernilla is a European news reporter that makes her only appearance in one chapter of ANGEL.

Story Edit

She first appears on the news; she is reporting live from in front of the Eiffel Tower, and her khaki trenchcoat is flapping due to the wind. Behind her, likely Doomsday Group members are trying to convince passersby to join the organization.

Sheila, another news reporter, tells Sofia via an earpiece to ask what the group is distributing. She responds by frowning and saying that they're handing out flyers and notices that say—in English, French, German, and Dutch—"The Earth or Us." Sofia then asks Beth about what the Doomsday Group's motives are; as the girl responds, the reporter is supposedly put under a trance.

As Beth is speaking, Star clicks the remote, and Sofia is not mentioned again.

Trivia Edit

  • She has a French accent.

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