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Day and night school

In MAX, Jeb says to the Flock that they "need to discuss [their] next steps." He then tells them about the Day and Night School, a school "for gifted children ... designed to let kids learn at their natural pace, in ways that suit them best." However, because of how untrustworthy Jeb has proved himself to be, some of the members of the flock (mainly Max) are not sure this is the best option for them. They ultimately turn it down.

Nudge stays there for a while and likes it, but misses the Flock too much and finally leaves.

Location Edit

According to Jeb, the school is located "In a beautiful and secluded part of Utah. ... It's got mountains, a lake to swim in, and horses to ride."

Appearance Edit

The Day and Night School is "long and low and spread out, painted in dusty pastels so it coordinated with the desert. It [is] not fenced in. There [is] a ton of open space around it..."

Trivia Edit

  • Ms. Hamilton, the woman who met the Flock at the front of the school the first time they came, went to college with Dr. Martinez.

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