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Item director

The Director, also known as Marian Janssen, was the Director of Itexicon, and its research and development companies. As Max puts it, she's the "head honcho, big cheese, big kahuna! The one pulling all of our strings! The one in charge of everything and everyone! The completely insane psychopath who was trying to eliminate most of the world's population!"

History Edit

The Angel Experiment Edit

When Angel first wakes up at the School, a whitecoat mentions a precept report about the Flock that was supposedly from someone named the Director.

Saving the World and Other Extreme Sports Edit

When Max, Nudge, and Angel first enter Itexicon's headquarter, a woman is speaking on several television screens. After going through German, French, Spanish, Italian, and Japanese speeches, they get to English. The woman is saying that they have commenced the By-Half Plan, and that all the useless people are being eliminated as the mutants watch.

Later, Max's mini-Flock, as they attempt to send a message to Fang, see her face on a computer screen. Before the Flock can escape, they are attacked by Flyboys and taken to a office room.

There they finally learn who the Director was; however, Max was disappointed—the Director was a woman. After she released the bomb that she was Max's mother, the Director put them in the hands of the Flyboys and sent them to a dark, ominous dungeon and chained them to the wall. Total didn't want to make Max feel worse, but said anyway that he couldn't stand her mother.
Marian jensen
Max was really disappointed that the Director was her mother and she called her a "completely insane psychopath who was trying to eliminate most of the worlds population!"

When Max and the others were not cooperating with the Clean Team, the Director came in and gave the information the scientists needed. After that, the five of them were once again sent to the dungeon, and Jeb came around again and told Max he was her father and Dr. Valencia Martinez was her mother. Max was relieved that the Director was not her mother, even if she could be the most powerful person on Earth and have unimaginable power.


  • In her last scene, the Director claims that she is spliced with a Galapagos Tortoise, and that she is 107 years old. If Saving the World and Other Extreme Sports takes place in the same year as The Angel Experiment (2005) then this means that she was born in  1898.