In School’s Out – Forever, the Flock uses a secret language in case of emergency. They developed it sometime during their stay in the School. It consists of made-up words with occasional English or Spanish phrases thrown in.

There are only a few instances during the books in which they use this code. However, they also sometimes communicate secretly in the same way by hand signals. While in the hospital, Max taps Iggy twice on the back of the hand, meaning “You're in charge till I get back.” She later gives him the same signal when he and Fang leave together for their classroom at the North Adams School. Later in School’s Out - Forever, Max and Fang use sign language. In The Angel Experiment, Max mentions a sign that Jeb taught them meaning “wait”: holding her right hand behind her back with two fingers together.

Known phrases Edit

  • "Goveryou. Allay. Todo ustedes. Egway." (Used to tell the Flock to flee. Todo ustedes is Spanish for “all of you.”)
  • "Neckerchu."
  • "Bandada! Bezheet! See-chass!” (Used to sound the alarm.)
  • "Bandada-nayshapay." (When Max spots Ari.)

Trivia Edit

  • In The Lake House, from the series that inspired Maximum Ride, the Flock occasionally communicates using birdcalls or whistling. They have created a code or “flight language” similar to birdcalls, used to guide the blind member, Icarus.

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