Wasn't that, like, a giant sculpture that was full of enemy soldiers or something? Back in the old days?

–Max, FANG

The Trojan Horse was a casino Max and Fang visited while in Las Vegas, Nevada, in FANG.



Max was working her way through Italian spumoni when she first confessed to Fang that she wanted to go to a casino.

After Fang pointed to The Trojan Horse, he took Max's hand and they strolled in. Inside, they got a bunch of quarters and parked themselves in front of a Treasure Island slot machine. A "hypnotic rally" ensued for them after their first few tries, and after about fifteen minutes, they won the jackpot.


On the exterior, the building looked like a horse. Inside, the carpets were dizzyingly-patterned and there were cameras dotting the ceiling.

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