The soldiers' armor made an odd hissing noise. But, besides the slight sound of metal plates sliding smoothly, flawlessly over one another, the troop was unnaturally quiet as it moved through the woods, getting closer to the prey.... The team leader didn't understand why Target 7 was an animal. he didn't need to understand. All he needed to know was that these targets were slated for capture.

–Windsor State Forest, Massachusetts, The Final Warning

Transformer-bots/Gobots were the robot soldiers of the Uber-Director's and the troops of Gozen's in the Final Warning.


Generation JEdit

The soldiers of Generation J had been endowed with some intelligence and only rudimentary emotion, but they seemed to be using and channeling them more effectively than their predecessors. They were also much more controllable than either Erasers or their flying-machine replacements, and were smart enough to make quick decisions and improvise.

  • Trivia

A burst of electricity acted like a drug on this series, both exciting and calming them. The soldiers craved it, and it was a useful reward. When they didn't get it, their behavior became unpredictable and violent. It was a drawback, a design flaw.

Earlier GenerationsEdit

Earlier versions of the soldiers had been smarter than Generation J -- too smart. Smart enough to question orders, to want to make their own decisions. Others had had only a machine's ability to follow orders. Their ability to think on their feet, to make snap decisions, to adapt to changing circumstances, had been practically nonexistent.

Generation D though GEdit

Probably the most disastrous of all had been Generation D though G. Either they were so blood hungry that they couldn't be controlled once they scented their prey, or their empathy was so heightened that they couldn't bring themselves to actually kill anything.