Hey guys :). So I've recently started to come and visit here, and have found it to be a great wiki. However (and forgive me for saying this), there are a few things I believe it needs to be improved upon. For example, I have seen a LOT of grammar mistakes, the summaries for a lot of the books are kind of short, the profile pictures for the main characters are unofficial (I believe they should be official covers from either the books or manga, not hand-drawn things), and there are quite a few false rumors (especially surrounding the movie) infecting many of the pages. So yeah, I really, REALLY want to do some major clean up around here, but I don't have the time or skill to do it myself. So yeah, are there any members or admins still active that would be willing to help me? Please :P. Also, to any admins, I think it would be really helpful if you locked pages that are all official and the best they can be, so they don't get ruined by unhelpful edits and additions ;).

One last thing- I'm really sorry if I'm coming off as rude and annoying, just coming on here randomly and asking to majorly change the wiki. I'm probably doing it, but I don't mean to :/. However, I believe doing this clean-up will help the wiki MAJORLY and put it up a lot higher on Wikia's rankings :D

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