Here are my thoughts of the cast.

Cameron Leigh Stein (ME!) as Maximum "Max" Ride/Max II (Maya)

Conor Carroll as Fang

Jack Scanlon as Iggy

Quvenzhané Wallis as Nudge

Max Charles as The Gasman "Gazzy"

Ashley Gerasimovich as Angel

Liam Neeson as Jeb Batchelder

Alexander Ludwig as Ari

Valerie Cruz as Dr. Valencia Martinez

Tiffany Dion as Ella Martinez

Amy Smart as Anne Walker

Christoph Waltz as Roland ter Borcht

Amanda Peet as Marian Janssen (the Director)

Channing Tatum as Omega

Dakota Goyo as Dylan

Joey King as Lissa The "Red-Haired Wonder"

Charlene Geisler as Tess

Jonah Bobo as Sam

Ashley Greene as Dr. Brigid Dwyer

Hiroyuki Sanada as Mr. Chu

Kiernan Shipka as Star

Mayuko Fukuda as Kate

Garrett Ryan as Holden

Braeden Lemasters as Ratchet

Karl Urban as Mark

Blake Lively as Beth

Sebastian Koch as Dr. Hans Gunther-Hagen

And here's the video:
Maximum Ride Cast (New Version)06:51

Maximum Ride Cast (New Version)

See what you think and comment.

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