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  • DoctorMermaid

    Hi, everyone! I'm your friendly neighborhood DoctorMermaid, and I've started a new project, the Second Generation Wiki .

    I've always been interested in looking up the canon descendants of characters in comic books (and movies, books, etc.) - characters like Phoenix Ride. Family trees fascinate me in real life and in fiction. I decided I wanted to put my notes out there and, if others were interested, give them a chance to participate.

    I've been working on the wiki for several months now, and I have a lot of pages, but right now it's just me on there. Here's how you can help: flesh out the pages that are there, which in many cases are very short, and add second-generation characters from your favorite fandoms. If you feel like joining me or just tak…

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  • DoctorMermaid

    Book Trailers

    June 16, 2016 by DoctorMermaid

    Does anyone know when and where the book trailers were originally released? I'm trying to work on a rundown of everything,

    A trailer for the Maximum Ride series, added to Youtube on June 11, 2008, by Little, Brown Books for Young Readers. This is the one I usually see all over the place in fan videos. It features some very wooden-looking CGI Erasers. 

    Here's the same video trailer, but with added voiceovers and scenes of explosions and fighting. This one is a more specifically for Saving the World and Other Extreme Sports and was added to Patterson's YouTube account on April 16, 2010.

    The trailer for FANG existed as early as April of 2010, as seen here , but was not added to James Patterson's YouTube account until April 2013. I actually like th…

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  • DoctorMermaid

    So you know how in FANG, Fang gives Max a birthstone ring? She doesn't say what month it is, just that it's the current month's birthstone. When I was working on KCCreations' timeline, I guessed that this scene took place in April. (It's springtime and Orion is visible.) The April birthstone is a diamond.

    And in ANGEL, Max calls it a promise ring. When I Google image searched promise rings, the majority were diamonds.

    I'm not sure why it cracks me up so much, but Fang probably gave his girlfriend a diamond ring. You know, casually, for her birthday.

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  • DoctorMermaid

    Out of curiosity...

    August 23, 2015 by DoctorMermaid

    I went back through The Angel Experiment a while ago to try to figure out how long a period of time it actually takes up. Conclusion: The Flock doesn’t know how to budget.

    We’re talking about six avian-human hybrids who require a lot of food. Money is going to be spent. I come from a family of seven, and I estimate we spend at minimum $200 every week just on staple groceries (milk, eggs, etc.). We normally eat out once a week and rely a lot on cooking from scratch. We also have money to spend. On the other hand, the Flock does not have a steady income. I’m not sure how they got food while they were living alone (actually I have a theory about that, but that’s another post). But here's a rundown of all the mentions of meals I could find.

    Day 1: T…

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  • DoctorMermaid

    In School’s Out – Forever, the Flock attends a normal school. Well, normal to an extent. It was formerly an insane asylum, and some of the teachers apparently worked for the School. For this reason, it makes sense that Anne would send them there. But a lot of other things don’t make sense.

    After a school assembly regarding Iggy’s disappearance, Max accidentally walks into the teacher’s lounge while trying to avoid people. Should be all well and good, right? Just a new student making an understandable mistake? Except that three teachers immediately threaten her with Tasers and the principal tries to restrain her. He has a cord in his pocket ready to tie her up, and he talks about how capturing her is a reward after dealing with all the other stu…

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