In School’s Out – Forever, the Flock attends a normal school. Well, normal to an extent. It was formerly an insane asylum, and some of the teachers apparently worked for the School. For this reason, it makes sense that Anne would send them there. But a lot of other things don’t make sense.

After a school assembly regarding Iggy’s disappearance, Max accidentally walks into the teacher’s lounge while trying to avoid people. Should be all well and good, right? Just a new student making an understandable mistake? Except that three teachers immediately threaten her with Tasers and the principal tries to restrain her. He has a cord in his pocket ready to tie her up, and he talks about how capturing her is a reward after dealing with all the other students.

What’s going on here? The idea, obviously, is that it’s all been a trap for the Flock. But why trap them now, when they’re already in Anne’s custody? Was Anne hiding them from other School operatives? Is this actually another group not affiliated with the School? The best guess I can make is that the teachers were simply surprised and acted recklessly, giving themselves away in the process. Max may have stumbled on a meeting that was more important than she realized. Once she was there, they had to restrain her and keep her from alerting anyone else, but they failed.

When Max signals the Flock to leave, they are able to hear her from their classrooms and make a break for it. Except that this also results in apparently every kid in school running around screaming in a full-blown riot, for no apparent reason.

In a real classroom, if a kid jumped up and bolted out, there might be some momentary confusion but there wouldn’t be instant chaos. I’m guessing that a bunch of the teachers got phone calls, dropped their dry erase markers, and started tasing. I also believe many of the kids were being experimented on, with or without their knowledge. Why else would the School bother with a normal school? Perhaps some of the students were abductees who suddenly saw their chance to escape.

Despite the mass hysteria, the principal is already outside and driving his car around when the Flock tries to take off. He is most familiar with the building, plus he knows about the underground tunnels, so there’s probably not much explanation needed here.

In the end this place is never mentioned again. Maybe once it was no longer needed, it closed as quietly as it opened.

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