So, Marvel is taking Maximum Ride for a spin. Well I can see a ton of stuff that could go wrong here, but also, a few new opportunities for The Flock. Here are my opinions.

PROS:Marvel is now owned by Disney. This provides 2 companies that could turn Max & CO. into a movie. I think we've ALL been waiting for something like this.

The Marvel comics Of Maximum Ride will at least give MAXies something to look forward to to read. Even though they will NEVER be as good as the original books, this will sustain Max fans with her adventures.

For those of you who are X-treme MAXies and love EVERY- THING Maximum Ride there is no doubt that there will be at least a little merch for you.

CONS: As capable as Marvel might be to slide Max and Co. into the Marvel Universe, they might slide them in a little too far. Next thing you know,they might be joining the X-Men or The Avengers. NOT OK.

Just like with joining the Marvel teams, it's a distinct possibility that they might try to hook up The Flock with Marvel heroes. I don't know about you, but Nudge + Spiderman does not mix exactly.

We all know how much Marvel loves to deepen their characters' stories. They might go over the top with new powers, villains, allies etc.

Please share your comments or add to the list. Just remember to tell me which side its on. You can also decide if some of my own reasons need to be switched around. Tell me if you think any of these are paranoid.


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