There have been multiple pages about requests for a Maximum Ride movie. A Youtuber is even making a series of videos to settle this need for a Flock film. But why stop there? I recently posted on a movie page that "The only thing holing the movie back is the filmmakers ignorance and the fans' reluctance." Not to toot my own horn, but I strongly believe I'm right. We've been whining and begging for a movie, but... what have we actually done to make it happen? We've been sitting here waiting for Allie Evans or SOMBODY to do it for us. So, it's time to get off our butts and do something. This blog is also a petition for a formal request for the production of a Maximum Ride Movie series which, if we get enough votes, I will send in an email to a movie studio (most likely Marvel/Disney). I think we should start out with 20 people and work our way up. I'm starting at 20 because I'm not sure how many MAXies we have here.

So if you really want a movie so badly, then show me.


P.S. Sorry if I got a bit too harsh. I just really Really REALLY want to see this happen.