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  • FangRocksMySocks

    Hey world,

    Today, I will imposter Nudge. Yes, it is a hobby to imposter people. Call it a skill. And if you really care enough, report me; I don't care if you do. Anyways, back ti the bright side! :) NUDGE TIME!!!!!



    Today we were passing over a mall and Max wouldn't let me stop! Just for like, two seconds! I wasn't going to actually buy anything....maybe....but she wouldn't even let me stop! Ugh, the nerve of some people. I swear I haven't gone shopping in two years! Now, I really am getting tired of sewing everything I own when it comes loose or something. All of my stuff is old! Very old!

    I haven't gotten new nail polish since I was...gosh, I can't even remember! And …

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  • FangRocksMySocks


    The title of this blog post is actually pretty descriptive, if you know what I mean. There actually is peril in Grand Paree. Not peril as in Doomsday Groupers blowing up more stuff or anything, but peril as in...well, it's not really peril. Just annoying people in my group who have no idea what the two words 'cooperation' and 'teamwork' mean at all. It's very frustrating, as you can imagine, while I'm trying to scope out some stuff about the DGer's next fireworks-display is gonna be. So far, I've had 0 luck.

    But I did find an awesome video last night, a fan made video, taking out their anger twoards Dylan, otherwise known as "Max's perfect other half" and/or "pretty boy" as this girl calls him. I like pretty boy better. Here is one fan …

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  • FangRocksMySocks

    Hey peeps,

    So today, I am gonna pretend to be the awesomer than awesome....Maximum Ride!!!!! Here goes nothing:

    Hey world (and by world I mean everyone excpt Whitecoats....don't think I don't see you!)!!!

    This is me. "me" being Max, Maximum, or Maximum Ride. Ah, yes, the life of a Flock leader. Not as easy as it sounds. You know, the usual fighting off half-men, half-wolf creatures while protecting five ofther kids all under the age of fifteen, plus a dog with wings and the annoying-yet-way-cool ability to talk. Like I said before, not as easy as it may seem. But, I somehow manage to do it 24/7 without dropping dead from exhaustion, fatigue, sleeplessneess, hunger, ect. anyone else super excited--on the edge of their chairs, falling o…

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  • FangRocksMySocks


    March 29, 2012 by FangRocksMySocks

    Uh.....hi everyone,

    So this is a blog post and I have no idea what it should be about but maybe you could just listen to me talk randomly for a while. Would that work? Oh, and if you want, I could post my story on this blog. It really all depends on if I can get someone to edit it or not. I know what I should do! So, every blog post, I pretend to be someone different, like this one I could be Fnag and then next one I could be Angel or Total and so on. Sound good? Good. Let's get started then, shall we? Okay:


    Hi friends!!!

    This is Angel speaking. Total and Celeste say hi too!!! So, I just wanted to say hi to everyone out there and wish them a happy birthday to anyone who has one today. Happy birthday!!!!! Yesterday, Max said I had to go t…

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