Hey world,

Today, I will imposter Nudge. Yes, it is a hobby to imposter people. Call it a skill. And if you really care enough, report me; I don't care if you do. Anyways, back ti the bright side! :) NUDGE TIME!!!!!



Today we were passing over a mall and Max wouldn't let me stop! Just for like, two seconds! I wasn't going to actually buy anything....maybe....but she wouldn't even let me stop! Ugh, the nerve of some people. I swear I haven't gone shopping in two years! Now, I really am getting tired of sewing everything I own when it comes loose or something. All of my stuff is old! Very old!

I haven't gotten new nail polish since I was...gosh, I can't even remember! And all of my headbands don't match my shirts! I have old sneakers that are like soooo last year! Some girl looked at me because I was wearing a pleated skirt and knee-high boots. I mean, come on! That'll never go out of style! And she thought I looked bad? She was wearing a dress with sneakers on! Ugh, so unfashionable.

So happy now!



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