There are various continuity problems with the Maximum Ride series.

The Angel Experiment

School's Out - Forever

  • One of the papers from the previous book said that Iggy's mother and father are deceased, but in this book, they are shown to be alive.

Saving the World and Other Extreme Sports

  • In the previous book, Ari had signed "Wolverine" on a kid's shirt without much hesitation; however, in this book, Max has to teach him how to write his own name.

The Final Warning


  • In the previous book, Dr. Brigid Dwyer's hair was said to be blond; however, in this book, it is red.


  • In the previous book, Nudge had gotten a bed to herself since she kept kicking people in her sleep; however, in this book, she sleeps right next to Max, and Iggy is off in one corner, since he is "the famous restless sleeper."


  • In Saving the World and Other Extreme Sports, Max and her mini-Flock had encountered Max II at Itexicon headquarters in Germany. Coincidentally or not, Max says in this book that she remembers Angel saying that "Maya spent most of her time in Europe after she was liberated from her cage in New York." This suggests that she is the winged girl the Flock rescued from the Institute in The Angel Experiment.


Maximum Ride Forever

  • [to be added]

Throughout the Series

  • In The Angel Experiment, Max mentions that Angel likes small, cozy space; however, this contradicts the fact that the entire Flock is claustrophobic, as said by both Max and Fang at different points in the series.
  • At the beginning of the series (and mentioned more specifically in School's Out - Forever), Max has blonde hair, while later on in the series, she has (mostly) brown hair [with blond streaks].

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