Hello, users of the Maximum Ride Wiki!

I have something I must say, and it's regarding another Maximum Ride-related Wiki I joined yesterday. It's called the Maximum Ride Fanfiction Wiki...and prior to my joining, it had been adandoned for what I believe to be two years.

If there's anyone out there that wants to help me add to and restore it, it would be greatly appreciated!


  • It's a fanfiction (fan-written story) Wiki, so most of the pages on it (there's only 6, actually) are either characters created by the authors, or the stories themselves.
  • The main page is locked, and there have been no active users (and I mean users!) for a long time.

[may or may not add to this later, depending on what I find out]

(This post is regarding the Maximum Ride Fanfiction Wiki as it is at 12:54, October 28, 2014 (UTC))


Never mind about the Wiki in this post. See Maximum Ride Nudge's comment below for the new official Maximum Ride Fanfiction Wiki.

(This edit was done: 12:29, October 31, 2014 (UTC).)

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