Hey, guys. I don't know about you, but I didn't like Nevermore really much. I mean, Max and Fang got back together -- Maya's gone for good (cheers to that), but I didn't really understand most parts of the concept. I mean -- and I hate to say this -- but all because Dylan tried to kill Fang, Max doesn't love him anymore? And, besides, how can Max forget Fang getting all cushy with Maya in ANGEL? If I were Max, I wouldn't let Fang in right away . . . The whole book was obviously rushed, and I didn't know if James Patterson was eager to finish the series to start on the Confessions of a Murder Suspect. Speaking which, any of you read it yet? Like, the whole book? Is it really as good as Maximum Ride?

Also, don't you think Nevermore is more like a romance story than a saving-the-world-and-all-that-other-stuff book?

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