The ending was ok. It all ends there on an island and new enhanced humans(mutant freaks) are there. Max and Fang are hanging out being lovey dovey,dylan returns, and max gets pissed of at Dylan. Then Max and Fang(Fax) get stuck in some kind of tsunami and Max thinks shes dead. James Patterson mad it so i guess everyone is like "Oh No shes gonna die!" Then they remember that they have freakin gills. Really? Thats stupid cause they we scrambling around and Fang is saying 'I love you." When is this sopposed to be a romance story? They find out they have gills in book 5 "Max" how could they forget? It was such a good book but in book 5 "Max" and book 6 "Fang" it started turning into a romance. :( I still want to see the movie though cause its at the begining with the fights and action. COMMENT BELOW IF U AGREE.

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