Ok so I'm just going to start out with this. Maximum Ride ruined my life. And I dont mean that in a bad way.....well sort of. Its just that ever since I started reading maximum ride I became obsessed. Obsessed to the point where im actually fantasizing and creating a story with a new charcter I made. And to where I have dreams about flying with wings and all that crap. Becoming too obssed over things like this can actually get pretty depressing. You start to hate your life because you think the book/movie/whatever thing it is, is actually better than your own life. I mean, we would all love to fly and have really good friends and soar and beat bad guys and all that stuff, but the question is, depending on the book/movie/whatever it is, is it really better than your own life. Dont get me wrong i know for a fact that living as a flock member would be a way better and exciting way to live my life. Though sometimes we dont truly understand the big picture of it. The flock has always wanted to be a normal kid like you and I, they go through struggles that no one else has to deal with. No one is ever going to be completely happy with their lives. Even if you're rich you still have that emptiness inside you that money can't fill. Even if people look up at you and think "wow, he/she has the pefect body" you are still going to envy others appearances. I promise you that no one in the entire world is completely satisfied with their life. Its just the way it works. I still struggle with those "I hate my body" moments. The fact is, probably something you didnt realise, someone, at least one person in the world is looking up at you and thinking " wow, I wish I was like them". The flock probably struggle with that every single day of their lives. Wishing, hoping that they could be like us,  who are people who wish we could be like them. And that happens all the time in the real world. people just dont realize it.

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