This is just like Moby Dick!

Nudge, The Final Warning

The Wendy K. is a research ship that appears exclusively in The Final Warning.


The research vessel first appeared in The Final Warning. The scientists of the International Earth Science Foundation first bought her as a retired offshore fishing trawler, but they've since retrofitted her, mostly through donations.



Where was Nino Pierpont when you needed him to finance a cutting-edge research vessel, for crying out loud?

Max, The Final Warning

The Wendy K. is big, around a hundred and fifty feet long, but it looks old and run-down. Huge rust stains streak its blue sides, even covering part of its name. It has something like a crane on the back, and a built-up cabin up front with lots of satellite antennas on top.


The Wendy K. has a small gray-painted lounge with a couple of ratty built-in couches, and a small white-painted conference room with some chipped Formica tables, a whiteboard, and some bookcases with bars across the front.    

Known Crew MembersEdit

  • Dr. Brigid Dwyer: International Earth Science Foundation South Pole Wilderness Research Scientist
  • Dr. Michael Papa: International Earth Science Foundation Leading Research Scientist
  • Melanie Bone: International Earth Science Foundation Communications Specialist
  • Brian Carey: International Earth Science Foundation Dive Specialist
  • Emily Robertson: International Earth Science Foundation Eco-paleontologist
  • Sue-Ann Wong: International Earth Science Foundation Ice Specialist
  • Paul Carey: Captain, Navigator, and International Earth Science Foundation South Pole Wilderness Expert
  • Akila: Mascot/Official rescue dog


The scientists of the Wendy K. document weather conditions daily, including air temperature, barometric pressure, water temperature, wind direction and speed, and what the seas are like. At one point in The Final Warning, they document the status of a local penguin colony. They also take measurements and examine different ice layers, as the chemical concentrations of the ice layers tell the scientists a great deal about the history of the atmosphere in the area.

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